About us

Since 2003, we have been based in the port city of Hamburg, helping international companies reach business goals by communicating more effectively in English

Paul Quigley – Founder & Lead Trainer

Our Story

We started Global Business in Hamburg in 2003 with the primary aim of providing Business English training to CEOs and other senior managers who have little time for training but need to upskill fast to meet the challenges of a new international position.

With that challenge in mind, we created a team of great academics with solid business management experience, and refined people skills as well.  We then developed a language learning model that would enable our clients to receive maximum impact from the time spent training.

That learning concept now forms the core of our approach in coaching and group workshop training.  Since March 2020, we have been offering our training online so as to give our clients who are working from home maximum access to our courses.

Our Advantage


We are a group of trainers who have been successfully working together for really great professional companies in Hamburg since 2003.  This has given us advanced knowledge of how successful learning works.


Our team is composed of full-time professional trainers only.  We are all university graduates who have considerable experience in management and business. Most of all, we love working with people.


The most important thing is to focus tightly on what is relevant for our clients.  We produce customised online courses for our larger multinational clients who require CBT training.


From our experience we know that learning and working at the same time is challenging.  We can build learning programmes that work hand in hand with unpredictable work schedules.

Our Values

Respect, fairness and honesty are fundamental to how we work as a team and with our clients.  A relaxed professional training environment and a good working relationship is important for us to enable every participant to build the confidence that is vital in order to be a better business communicator in English.

We are also  a pro-sustainability services provider having placed particular emphasis on limiting the use of paper in our training workshops from the foundation of our business.

As an online B2B company, we go to particular lengths as well to protect and ensure the security of our clients’ data.  For more information, see our data privacy statement.

What our clients say