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For the past 17 years, we have been translating material such as reports, contracts, training courses and user instructions for international companies who need a reliable and secure partner to process official documents to the highest quality.  In order to ensure that documents outsourced to us are in line with your company’s terminology, we give priority to working closely with our clients throughout projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Every project has its own particular requirements. Some have to be completed extremely quickly. Others will require a lot of DTP when the translation is done.  We take all of these conditions into account and offer our customers a competitive quote for every specific translation.

Translation always changes the total amount of text on a page and so requires the layout of documents to be reworked.  But it depends on how creative and rich the page design is.  Experience allows us to give our clients a good estimate of how much work will be required to get the translated document looking perfect.

If you don’t have access to the original files created by the author, it is not a problem.  Just send us what you have. We can deliver the translation in the format of your choice.

Absolutely. If you already have approved translations for part of your project, we can use it and integrate it.  If your project is quite large, a translation memory can be created once the translation is finished.  This will enable you to translate and easily integrate updates to your translated document in the future.

Consistency in terminology is very important.  Once we receive this information from you, we will ensure that the newly translated document uses terminology that corresponds accurately with that which is used by your company.

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