On-site training

Integrate learning with working, by training your English at your office, factory or warehouse.

Take the Business English shortcut

Premium individual coaching is designed to deliver learning results fast.

Learning by doing

The core element of our training concept is practical training that reaches its goal effectively and quickly.  There is no method for training new vocabulary more effective than dealing with the real thing.  Receiving assistance to explain the functionality of something you work with every day is not only the best kind of language training, it also strengthens concentration, presentation skills and of course, the ability to think on your feet.  On-site training is extremely popular as it brings work and training together.

Why train on-site?


E-learning for Work - in English

Based on our experience, one of the most effective ways to improve English skills is not only to work in English, but to learn other skills in English.  Many large international companies have switched to internal systems with an English-language interface – an excellent opportunity for user training in English.  Together with our corporate clients, we develop online work-skills training courses in English in order to integrate language training with internal skills training and in doing so make it practical, relevant and save by spending less time away from work at training. Here are some examples.