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Returns on Investment in Business English training at work

An investment in weekly group training in Business English has not only enabled our clients' teams to work more effectively with their international colleagues and clients, it has strengthened general communication skills and brought about a change in mindset.

An more open and international work environment

During the last 17 years in Hamburg, we have been a key player in the delicate change-process of transforming company cultures into diverse and inclusive global-oriented environments enabling an ability and readiness to speak English around the office to become something normal and everyday.

Maximised mobility and recruitment options

Successful Business English training programmes have enabled our clients to both recruit internationally and offer exciting international opportunities to their German-based employees. The development of a global working environment ensures easy integration for the most suitable talents from around the globe.

Increased communication ability

We don't just train on vocabulary and grammar. Our training is a Business English communication workshop with your team colleagues. Participants simulate presentations, negotiations and other relevant activities. This time of training is an opportunity to improve general communication skills at work.

Better rapport with international colleagues

English is an international meeting ground and better language skills mean an ability to build better relationships and understanding with colleagues in other countries. Closer rapport is now more vital than ever when remote working and virtual teams are set to become the norm.

A changed mindset

Speaking a different language at work should bring a new perspective. Our workshops present challenging activities based around working in English with different cultures. This encourages participants to open up and start thinking more creatively and dynamically.

The greatest challenge when making the changeover to an English-speaking corporate environment has always been to get started. Enthusiasm for this change often exists undiscovered and the potential for its success is most often underestimated.

Find your Starting Point

To map out the shortest route to culture change at your company, we need to find out exactly where you are.

The awareness generated inside your organisation by carrying out this initial assessment is the first step toward change.

Company Training Options

We offer three basic types of Business English training. It is also possible to combine all three into a blended learning solution that best suits the needs of your company.

Team Online

customised course
Created specially for your team with specific goals, each participant can complete this training as their own pace
  • Customised videos
  • Customised exercises
  • Completion deadline
  • Test and certificate

Team live Online

16-week course
Weekly online group workshop training with a trainer. This is vital for participants who need to train for English meetings
  • 24 live group sessions
  • Workshop training
  • Fixed weekly time
  • Test and certificate

1-2-1 live Online

16-week course
Individual online workshop focusing on speaking fluency, accuracy and vocabulary development.
  • 24 live sessions
  • Personalised content
  • Felxible Schedule
  • Test and certificate

Managers who need to upskill fast?

International Assignments and new roles can often come your way faster than expected. If your management team need to upskill as fast as possible to meet the needs of the new challenge, they need premium Business English coaching.

Let us design a custom online-training solution

We design enterprise training programmes to suit the individual needs of each company.  Tell us what your challenge is and we will put a tailor-made solution together for your team.

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