Business English Specialist

Since 2003, we have been enabling professionals to master the language of international business

Why us

We are a Business English training and consulting company working with CEO’s and managers who require coaching on the highest professional level in order to be able to confidently perform key business communication internationally.  For over 17 years, our team of full-time experienced trainers have also worked closely with companies implementing the change to an English-speaking corporate culture.

Blended Learning Options

Combine options in order to reach your learning goals as efficiently as possible.


Learn at your own pace. We create custom online courses.

Live online

Group workshops or premium coaching with an online trainer.

On-site training

Individual coaching at your office, factory or warehouse.

Combine options to suit your needs

Our clients are busy professionals, each with individual needs. We want to know what suits you best so we can design a blended learning solution that fits around your work schedule.

Choose a team training solution

Discover the benefits of an in-company weekly training programme.

Maintain an Overview

Your online learning profile shows your progress to date and allows you to resume whenever you have time.

Measure your Progress

Our courses include regular assessments so you can really see your progress.

Add live Sessions

Your needs might change when you course is in progress. Add content or extra live learning sessions as needed.

Our Concept

We are professional linguists, trainers and management consultants. But when working with you, we always want to hear what you have to say first.  Are you curious about our approach?

"You-speak" approach

In our live training, you have the stage. We listen and build your competence and confidence.


Before you start training, we set the destination and while on the way, we regularly revise what you have learned and check to make sure we are on track.

Workshop style

Theory is a strong foundation for us, but practice is the main body of our training.


Our experience has confirmed that a relaxed and fun atmosphere is the starting point.

Test your knowledge

How many of the classic pitfalls of Business English do you know?

Get Premium Coaching - online & onsite

Take the shortest path to success.  Get individual training from a consultant trainer with tailored learning tools added.

Optimise your Learning Time

While we love our clients and would love to have them forever, we are conscious of the fact that your learning should reach its goal as fast as possible.  Here are some ways to optimise your learning.

What our clients say